John Richardson – “e-Lawn Sign” – Forward to a friend

Got to give  credit where  credit  is due! I  got this simple idea from  Neil  Sinclair candidate for City Council  in Ward  32. As Neil points  out:

“This election voters of  Toronto will plant and throw out well over 125,000 lawn signs in this City and across this Province. This waste will occur in the space of only 3 weeks, UGH! A pie in the face for those advocating non-wasteful practices!  As a result my Campaign then decided three things;

1.      That we will not participate with the lawn sign war of waste but instead will walk the talk on environmentally sound practices “Green Lawn Signs”.

2.       That for every email received asking for a NEILSINCLAIR WARD 32 ELECTRONIC LAWN SIGN the candidate will donate 50 cents per email to TREES ONTARIO. This not for profit environmental charity is based in Toronto and focuses on replanting trees in this province ( They are located at 200 Consumers Road, Suite 701, Toronto, ON M2J 4R4. It provides focus for our campaign on positive environmental change in 2010. Yes they take direct donations.

3.       In a day and age where social media, internet, blogging and instant communications taking nanoseconds voters which support a candidate can simply “click click” their support to friends and neighbours with comments.

The Myan civilization self destructed by cutting and burning their forests. I fly over Southern Ontario watching our blind passion for ever expanding `Burbs`and watch our nature disappear and our Greenbelts ever further adjusted. I wonder when the adjustment to sustainable development will come. Plant a tree, and you preserve our natural heritage.

I bow to my Team for new innovation in the information age and join them with our environmental campaign. Go Green Toronto by walking the talk. Communicate in a Green Manner – electronically!”

I join Neil Sinclair in using “e-lawn signs”. Once again – here is  my “e-lawn sign”. Pass it  on to a friend.

Vote John Richardson – “e-lawn sign” – pass it on!

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