Vote John Richardson – Independent Candidate – Toronto Danforth – Ward 29

Toronto is your city! Get out and vote!

Canada is one of the world’s great democracies. Democracy is something that you do! Democracy is not something you watch! To put it another way:

Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

You must get out and vote!

The voter turnout in the 2006 elections was not just low – but abysmally low. In Toronto Ward 29 approximately 12,000 people voted. That’s 12,000 out of a possible 33,705. That’s a very low percentage turnout – marginally more than 33%. Toronto’s City Councillors are the representatives of only those who took the time to vote.  The winner in our Ward – Ward 29 – received less than half of those 12,000 votes. Therefore he was the choice  of at most 17% of eligible voters.

The residents of Toronto have come to expect and been forced to tolerate:

–         garbage strikes – see how Toronto’s  Councillor’s voted

–         a substandard TTC that  creates conflicts with its riders

–         A city council  which  allowed councillors  a pay raise in the midst of a recession

–         A city council that may favor the interests of  special groups  over taxpayers

–        A city council that will finance a city councillor to launch a lawsuit against a taxpayer

–        A city council that spends your money without lawful authority

–         A dysfunctional property tax system

–         A property tax system that discriminates again tenants who live in buildings with more than seven apartments

and more.

That’s what you get if you don’t get out and vote.

My name is John Richardson.  I have been your neighbour in Ward 29 since 1984.  I would like to serve you as your city councillor in Ward 29.   I look forward to meeting as many of you as can from now until October 25, 2010.

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