Introducing John Richardson

From The Desk of John Richardson


My name is John Richardson and I have been your neighbor for 26 years in Ward 29.  Those of  us who live in Ward 29, know what a special and vibrant community it is. Whether you are a parent wanting good schools for your children, a student trying to make your dreams happen, a young person beginning your career, a retired person looking for a comfortable place to live, or an immigrant looking for a new start in life, Ward 29 in East York is the place for you.

The next Toronto election will be held on October 25, 2010. I am running to be your representative in city council. I emphasize that I want to be YOUR representative – to represent YOUR interests in City Council.

It is my goal to meet as many of you as I can during the months leading up to the election in October. I hope that you will  develop confidence  that I have the judgment to represent YOU in Toronto City Council.

By way of a brief biography I:

– am a graduate of both the University of Toronto and Queen’s  University;

– moved to Ward 29 in 1984;

– am a lawyer;

– run a test preparation and career counseling company for university students;

– have authored three books;

– am committed  to the ideal that elected representatives should  represent their  constituents and only  their constituents;

– ran as an Independent Candidate in the the 2008 Federal Election in Toronto Danforth (Ward 29)

As a twenty-six year resident of Ward 29, I sense citizens are becoming farther and farther removed from the decisions that affect their daily lives. I sense a city council that is becoming less respectful of, and more distant from, the taxpayers who pay their salaries. I also believe that the government of the City of Toronto must be returned  to the residents of the City of Toronto. Toronto is your city – please take  responsibility for  it! Get involved! Get interested in this election!

I hope that you will get to know me over the next few months and develop confidence in my judgment. I look forward to the privilege of representing Ward 29’s voice in the Toronto community.

John Richardson

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